I love LOVE!

I absolutely love couples sessions; whether it's your engagement session, anniversary, maternity, or just want some nice photos with your partner, I am here for it!! From Redlands, to Palm Springs, to Big Bear, to Laguna Beach, I am down for whatever! However, my all time favorite place to shoot is Joshua Tree! There is nothing like that golden glow coming over those incredible rocks and don't get me started on cacti!!

One day I will live in the desert. I love to go on adventures and do something different!

Got an idea for your shoot? I'd love to hear it!!

Couple kissing on a rock under the moon in Joshua Tree.
Couple holding hands with foreheads together in Joshua Tree.
Woman holding on to her fiances arm in the middle of sand dunes.
Couple kissing in a plane at the airport.
Man and woman with their noses touching smiling at each other.
Pregnant woman and her husband on a rock in the middle of a creek.
Man and woman kissing far away on the sand.
Woman wrapping her arms around her fiance while sitting.
Couple sitting on rock in Joshua Tree.
Styled picnic with man kissing his girlfriends cheek.
Man putting his arms around women in Joshua Tree.
Man holding woman sitting on the sand at Manhatten Beach.
Couple walking on a side walk with pink tree surrounding them.
Woman sitting on her boyfriends lap in the middle of sand dunes.
Man wrapping his arms around his fiance.
Man and woman jumping off a boat at the river.
Pregnant woman holds gown in the mountains.
Couple holding each other's face on a rock on Joshua Tree.
Man spinning woman at Victoria Beach.
Woman looking away as she holds her pregnant belly.
Man and woman in forest falls, ca.
Man kissing his girlfriends forehead while sitting on rock in the creek.
Woman running holding her pink gown.
Man and woman on a boat at the river.
Man adoring his pregnant wife.
Couple kissing in front of a water feature at a hotel.
Champagne toasts as couple kisses behind it.
Man kisses wifes temple as she laughs.